HRH. Raymond Kangnsen BUHMBI

HRH Awarded Scholarship to Students in Aghem

On a bright sunny day after New Year 2014, some young , energetic and aspiring students and primary school kids dressed in their assorted uniforms move towards one direction - Kesu palace unaware the agenda of event.. There are about thirty- eight of them coming from different directions of town. More >>>

Aghem Language Program is one of the successful program ever achived. The language is taught in Secondary, Technical and High Schools in Menchum Division



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    Welcome to the Aghem Family and Development Association of the United States of America (AFADA-USA) website !! AFADA -USA was founded in the state of Maryland in 2001, with the vision of rallying the Aghem Community, friends and well wishers, to promote education, development, cultural and social well-being of the Wum Central Council Area. AFADA-USA is a nongovernmental, socio-cultural, nonprofit, and law-abiding Association of Sons and Daughters of the Wum Council Area, neighboring villages and those willing to abide by AFADA-USA's constitution.

The Aghem clan is composed of ten villages. Aghem is found in Wum central Sub-division in Menchum Division. Menchum Division is one of the oldest divisions of the North West Region of Cameroon, located some 85 km to the north western part of Bamenda. Authentic sources purport that the Aghem people originated from Munchi in the Tiv region

AFADA-USA mission is to develop and implement programs that will nurture development in Aghem - Wum, to practice and promote our rich culture within the Americas, to provide opportunities for our children to appreciate the Aghem and Cameroon Culture, and to create an opportunity for members to educate each other on the aspects of the American culture that fosters prosperity.

Scholarship Award
For over eight years, AFADA-USA has provided need-based and excellent scholarship awards to students in the Wum Central Subdivision. Each academic year, about 1.2 million CFA Frs is awarded in the form of tuition and school accessories to students.   More >>>>

Fundraising For Wum Water Project
AFADA-USA partnered with Rotary Club International to provide potable water to the people of Wum. The population of Wum is approximately 50,000 and this population do not any reliable source of clean drinking water. More >>>>

Wa-ah Wah AGM
The Aghem Women Group know as Wa-a Wah based in the US whill be holding their Annual General Meeting on Satuday May 21, 2016 in the Maryland.   More >>>>